Wednesday 15 August 2012

Supplements for Allergies

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Dear Patients and Friends,
For those of you who suffer from allergies, I don’t have to tell you that allergy season is upon us.

Allergy symptoms occur as a result of coming in contact with something that causes release of histamine. This causes eyes to water, sneezing, coughing and rhinitis(runny nose). Contact can be airborne or by touch.

There are many over-the- counter products that are heavily advertised, but offer very little relief and most cause drowsiness. There are much better options!

First, to treat the symptoms of the allergies, I recommend specific supplements that work great with no side effects!

Second, to keep the allergies at bay, you have to build up your immune system. This actually starts in the gut. The proper probiotics are very important as well as herbs like Echinacea.
I have patients that have had allergies for years that are now symptom free and are able to enjoy the outdoors and their lives!

As always, some patients respond better than others, but this gives you other options and without sleepy side effects! And, remember, quality is very important. Make sure you buy your supplements from a reputable source like me or your doctor’s office.

If you have any questions allergies or other health conditions, please contact me.
Yours in Health,
Dr. Mike