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The First and Second Visits
Once your initial paperwork is complete (including your case history), your first visit consists of a consultation with Dr. LaBlanc, a physical exam, and x-rays of your affected area. The consultation, along with orthopedic and neurological tests, help the doctor determine if your condition is treatable with chiropractic care.

When you return for your second visit, Dr. LaBlanc will review your report of findings with you. The doctor uses the report to establish a diagnosis and recommend an individual treatment plan for you. Your treatment typically begins on the second visit and includes an adjustment of the spine or the affected area (neck, shoulders, arms, hands, legs) and other forms of physical therapy and rehabilitation.

Dr. LaBlanc may also recommend nutritional counseling. It is just good common sense that if you fill your body with healthy food, you are going to be a healthier person. While chiropractic can work alone – it often works better in conjunction with a good nutrition plan.

We also offer, for purchase: portable back cushions and cervical pillows (for more comfortable, relaxed sleep with a neck injury).

Continuing and Preventative Care
Care continues according to your individual treatment plan and progress. While the length of treatment varies from a few weeks to several months, Dr. LaBlanc will consistently monitor and evaluate your progress during your treatment schedule. Upon completion of chiropractic treatments, Dr. LaBlanc will give you a final exam and dismiss you from care. Many patients – as many as 50 percent – will continue treatment as on-going preventative care, once their initial problem is alleviated.

Nobody Likes Insurance and Billing Surprises
While most major insurances cover chiropractic care, most patients are unaware of their specific coverage. And while most clinics do verify coverage, Dr. LaBlanc’s policy is to help you by looking into it upfront, so that you have the peace of mind in knowing exactly what costs you are responsible for as a patient. Just ask – and we’ll use your insurance card and our provider I.D. to verify your coverage before your first visit. Please keep in mind that ultimately your insurance coverage is a contract between you and your insurance company – and that the information they share with us is what they say they will cover.

We also welcome Medicare and workman’s compensation patients.

Flexible, Convenient Billing
According to your insurance coverage, we collect your deductible and copay portion at the time of your visit. We also submit your bills to your insurance company. For our patients without insurance or in need of care beyond their insurance company’s coverage, we offer flexible payment plans so that you can budget accordingly – and focus on your care and health.

Orthopedics: The study of bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, and muscles.
Neurology: The study of the nervous system and.
Physical therapy: electrical stimulation, ultrasound for pain relief, in-home exercise.
Rehabilitation: supervised low-impact exercise at the clinic.
Nutritional counseling: Nutritional consults after patient completes the Health Appraisal Questionnaire. Dr. LaBlanc determines nutritional deficiencies and helps you understand how your body works. The doctor will also recommend all-natural, safe vitamins and supplements – available at our clinic – to aid in keeping your body healthy and at optimal performance levels.