Thursday 9 August 2012

Nutrition for ADD and ADHD

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Dear Patients and Friends,

Do you or someone you know have kids that “act out” on a daily basis? Have you ever thought that these kids and their brains are starved for nutrition? Sadly, very few of them will have this underlying cause of behavioral problems, hyperactivity, anxiety and depression addressed.

Instead , they will continue to eat nonfoods that will damage  their brains further. They will eat loads of sugar that will add stress to their hyperactivity and depression. They will be deprived of the Vitamin B complex, multimineral and omega-3 nutrition their brains crave. They may get counseling, which can help,  but it generally ignores the underlying nutritional cause of their problems. They may be drugged into better behavior, which also ignores the underlying cause of their problems and carries serious side effects that can extend long into adult life.

Hyperactivity is usually the most common syndrome caused by these nutritional deficits. These kids can’t sit still, can’t concentrate, do poorly in school and act out on a daily basis. This is caused by a lack of foods rich in the Vitamin G complex. This is the portion of the whole B Vitamin complex that is calming. It aids in the metabolism of fats desperately needed by the forming brain. It is calming to the nervous system, and it contains antipellagra factors.

Pellegra is a B-Vitamin deficiency disease that affects millions of kids on a subclinical level. Pellegra is known as the disease of 3 Ds--- diarrhea, dermatitis and dementia(hyperactivity/depression). How can any American child suffer from pellagra? Well, sad to say, most children in the U.S. eat zero foods that are rich in B vitamins such as liver, nutritional yeast, beets or wheat germ. Most kids eat lots of nonfoods that make the vitamin B deficiency worse. Have you looked at how much sugar is in a can of regular soda? Some contain 72 grams—that’s 1/3 of a cup!!

Not all ADD or ADHD is caused by nutritional deficiency, but most are. If your child suffers from this, you can help. Start by keeping it simple. Cut back on the sugar intake-- eliminate soda, most sweets and breads, supermarket breakfast cereals, fast foods and most processed foods. Feed them real foods like real eggs, real butter, meat, fish, all vegetables and fruits, seeds and nuts. Have them drink pure water. Bread and pasta should be kept to a minimum. If your kids  are sensitive to gluten—found in wheat, rye oats and barley, and just about all breads, sweets and processed foods-- eliminate it. Nutritional supplements have to be taken and they have to be of the whole food variety like we recommend from Standard Process. I can give you a personalized protocol that needs to be taken.

Most kids will begin to get better within weeks or months. But remember, your child’s behavior is most likely a habit, so allow enough time for real nutrition to work.

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Yours in Health,
Dr. Mike